Royse Total Startup Solution

Starting a business can be a complicated and time-consuming process. Finding the right accountant, banking partner, payroll provider, or HR solution can be very confusing. However, we can help you get started quickly and easily with the essential services that most new companies need.


What we provide:

Business Formation

Incorporate with us for a simple flat fee. Unlike many online services, we provide you with a phone call or in-person meeting with legal counsel to ensure that you select the right kind of entity, in the right jurisdiction, with the right capital structure.

Bank Accounts

When you incorporate with us, you’ll also have the option to open a bank account with one of our partners. We handle the application process and paperwork on your behalf.

Cap Table Management

Don’t use a chaotic spreadsheet to manage your cap tables. Through our partner’s secure online platform, you’ll be able to stay organized while managing equity, 409A valuations, and liquidity. After we complete your application, your company is also eligible for our special preferred partner pricing.


As a startup, you may be looking to raise money. Our network includes broker dealers and California licensed finders who may be able to assist with funding.

Payroll, Benefits, & HR

You don’t have to handle payroll, benefits, and HR in-house. Through our partnership network, we can help you find a cost-effective solution to manage these services for your company, as well as handle the on-boarding and census data upload.

R&D Consulting

You may be able to offset your payroll taxes through research and development activities. We can help you determine which incentives are available for your specific business and connect you with a specialist to conduct an R&D study.

Registered Agent

Every company doing business in California must have an agent for service of process. We can handle that function on your behalf through our affiliate RLF Corporate Services, Inc. for a flat annual fee.

Take the hassle out of searching for reputable partners, getting the best price, and dealing with multiple service providers. We’ll handle all of the applications for you. Email for more information.