Mergers and Acquisitions

Whether you’re acquiring or selling a company, our experienced team is here to help. Throughout the years, we’ve negotiated countless deals ranging from modest transactions to multimillion dollar acquisitions.

Pre-Acquisition Planning

The acquisition process begins long before the term sheet stage. We seek to address legal and tax matters before they become due diligence issues that may result in distractions or revaluations. We routinely anticipate and address a potential target’s problems prior to engaging with an acquirer.

Integrated Shareholder-Corporate Solution

Unlike many law firms, we consider the interests of the ultimate owners during an acquisition. We work hard to identify the most tax efficient structures and strategies for every transaction.  We also serve as independent counsel to large shareholders and, when appropriate, act as counsel to the company and its owners.

Special Counsel

Due to our tax expertise, we are regularly asked to assist other law firms with specific tax issues that may arise during large or complex transactions. We often advise on general tax structuring and consult on the availability of net operating losses to an acquirer, issues specific to S corporations and LLCs, the application (and exemption from) the golden parachute rules, and Code Section 409A — deferred compensation taxes. As special tax counsel, we work closely with a company’s corporate attorneys and accountants.

Post Acquisition Matters

Our representation does not end once the transaction closes. We provide continuing support in the event of indemnification claims or other post-closing matters. Our experience in settling merger-related disputes provides us with valuable insight into potential problem areas while negotiating a deal. This experience is similarly valuable in mediating events that might not have been anticipated during merger negotiations.

Our M&A Experts