Labor and Employment

Navigating the complex minefield of state and federal labor laws can be a daunting task. Our award-winning team will work with you to achieve your business goals, increase productivity, and mitigate corporate and financial risk.


Our Services:

Consultation and Implementation

We can help you develop an employment strategy that keeps you compliant with labor laws while also maximizing productivity. We’ve helped countless businesses with:


  • Contracts, agreements, and documents: commercial and employment
  • Pre-employment issues and hiring
  • Background checks
  • Monitoring new employee job performance
  • Performance reviews
  • Immigration law compliance
  • Trade secrets and related intellectual property: compliance and theft-avoidance
  • Employee investigations
  • Wage and hour compliance
  • Privacy issues
  • Employee leave
  • Hiring and firing protocol, practices, and procedures
  • Employment classification: independent contractor verses employee status
  • Exempt verses non-exempt status
  • Employee handbooks
  • Sexual harassment training
  • Employment audits: evaluation of employment practices and subsequent management report focused on OSHA, classification, leave, wage and hour, and other issues


While we stress the benefits of resolving disputes amicably through mediation, our team is highly experienced at representing clients before federal courts, state courts, and other administrative agencies. More info

Disputes happen. When they do, we can help in a wide-range of commercial, business, employment, IP, real estate, and probate litigation cases. Our experienced team regularly represents clients in federal courts, state courts, and before administrative agencies and boards.

Our services:


  • Employer, employee, and labor disputes
  • Trade secret theft, infringement, and ownership disputes
  • IP infringement, trademark, patent, and copyright cases
  • Angel and pre-public offerings, financing and investing, IPO, and M&A litigation
  • Corporate matters including commercial, officer, director, shareholder, investor, creditor, closely-held corporations, and partnership litigation
  • Fiduciary claims
  • Real estate, land, neighbor, and environmental litigation
  • Tax disputes and litigation
  • Trust, estate, trustee, executor, beneficiary, power of attorney, conservatorship, and elder abuse litigation
  • Accounting and numbers-related cases including significant lost profits, income, royalty, and other related damages


Our litigators regularly handle cases in federal courts, state courts, and before administrative agencies.

Our Labor and Employment Experts

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