Intellectual Property

Are you working on the next big idea? Make sure it’s protected. Our experienced team has helped countless clients protect their intellectual property (IP) under patent, trademark, and copyright laws.


Our Services:

Strategy Counseling

Protect your property with the future in mind. We’ll help you develop an IP strategy that aligns with your specific business goals.


Protect your name, brand, and logo through federal trademark registration. Our trademark experts will search and secure your marks and, if necessary, enforce your rights against infringers.


A copyright secures distribution rights of literary works, software, music, art, and other expressions of an idea. We can create, protect, and defend copyrights in a variety of industries.

Patent Prosecution

We take a strategic approach to preparing and prosecuting patent applications, managing your portfolio, and assisting with diligence analyses. We take into account your business strategy, potential partnerships, and exit opportunities.

Trade Secrets

Trade secrets are often the most valuable IP a tech company can own. Unfortunately, they are also the most vulnerable. We will help you create and establish exclusive ownership of your trade secrets through rights agreements, policies, and procedures. Learn more about our Trade Secret Protection Services.


Our team can help monetize your intellectual property through license agreements, joint ventures, and strategic alliances.


If someone is wrongfully using your intellectual property, or you are accused of infringing upon someone else’s rights, our team will help you pursue and defend court claims involving trademarks, patents and other intellectual property. More info

Our Intellectual Property Experts