Technology Transactions

Royse Law Firm works with companies of all sizes, at all stages of development, to provide strategic guidance in the creation, acquisition, use and commercialization of technology. Our attorneys understand the relevant industries, the applicable markets and how to help clients grow and succeed, combining deep expertise with a practical business approach. We understand the need for a balance between protecting our clients’ interests and getting the deals done.

With extensive experience in technology and IP transactions, we structure, prepare and negotiate agreements for all types of technology transactions, including agreements for inbound and outbound licenses, patent licenses, IP transfer, chip design, VAR, OEM, distribution, supply, strategic alliances, development services, hosted solutions, joint ventures, e-commerce, software-as-a-service (SAAS), cloud-based services, data services, and other online cross-promotion and marketing transactions.

In addition, Royse Law Firm handles basic registrations and advises inventors and other holders on planning for the exploitation and enforcement of patent and other intellectual property rights, including the formation of R&D partnerships and their related operating companies.

We also counsel clients on intellectual property protection, including the preservation of trade secrets, at the company formation and financing stages. We regularly assist acquirers and target companies in negotiating technology transfer agreements, including IP related warranties, representations and indemnification provisions of acquisition agreements.

Royse Law Firm provides tax efficient strategies for holding, exploiting and enforcing technology and patent rights. We counsel inventors and holders of technology rights on structuring assignments and licenses and the formation of domestic and offshore IP holding companies. Royse Law Firm teams up, when beneficial, with major litigation firms to advise plaintiffs on structuring the form and receipt of patent litigation settlement proceeds. We are continuously expanding the Royse Law Firm Technology Transactions practice to meet evolving client needs and market demand in innovative domestic and international environments.

Technology Transactions Team

Ayleen Lee
Satya Narayan
Danielle Lan
Heidi Klein