Labor and Employment


Royse Labor and Employment Group provides clients with a full spectrum of services, including counseling, risk management, best practices, implementation procedures, and litigation.
Consultation and Implementation Services

We work with you to achieve your business goals, maximize the employer/employee relationship, and mitigate corporate and financial risk. We believe that much litigation can be managed or avoided with a strategic, experienced approach to business agreements and initiatives as well as compliance with employment laws and regulations. Services focus on the development and implementation of best practices that produce a productive environment:

  • Contracts, agreements and documents: commercial and employment
  • Pre-employment issues and hiring
  • Background checks
  • Monitoring new employee job performance
  • Performance reviews
  • Immigration law compliance
  • Trade secrets and related intellectual property: compliance and theft-avoidance
  • Employee investigations
  • Wage and hour compliance
  • Privacy issues
  • Employee leave
  • Hiring and firing protocol, practices and procedures
  • Employment classification: independent contractor verses employee status
  • Exempt verses non-exempt status
  • Employee handbooks
  • Sexual harassment training
  • Employment audits: evaluation of employment practices and subsequent management report focused on OSHA, classification, leave, wage and hour, and other issues
Litigation Services

We represent clients in federal and state courts and other federal and state agencies involving commercial and employment litigation. While we stress the importance of attempting to resolve disputes amicably through mediation, our highly experienced team represents clients focused on the following matters:

Labor and Employment Team